Laureen Burris-Phillip

She exemplifies creativity & innovation

Dr. Rita Pemberton

Now an independent researcher, Dr. Pemberton is a former Senior Lecturer & Head of the Department of History at UWI, St. Augustine,

Deborah Moore-Miggins

Deborah credits her appreciation of humour to her childhood
upbringing. She was always curious about words so the fact that she has authored 2 books is of little surprise, The Caribbean Proverbs that Raised Us & Laugh Not Live Not

Milca Reid-Robinson

She exemplifies creativity & innovation in the Visual & Performing Arts. From 9 yrs old she had a passion for the Arts & the stage & yearned for the opportunity to be more involved. Milca is the author of Important Moments: Episodic Tobago

Deidre Prescod

She is a TrinBagonian author of 2 non-fiction books ‘Letters from Nigeria – Reflections of an Ifa Initiate (2017) & Coming Through With a Boule De Feu (2021) and a podcast titled ‘Embracing Wisdom’ (2020) under the name Ifarounke Deidre Prescod.

Carron Rivers

Born in Scarborough, Tobago, not so very long, long ago. Took sometime to learn nursing. To university she then tried. To gain more knowledge to raise her child. Words through poetry became her magic trick. Conjuring up portions to heal the sick. Bringing inspirational & motivational poems to readers on Amazon, over time.

Cindy-Lou Edwards

 With an altruistic nature, Cindy-Lou has published two motivational books, Finding Me: The Journey Continues and A Word in Season. She is also the author of several plays and short stories.

Latoyaa Roberts-Thomas

Latoyaa is an entrepreneur, a mother of 2 beautiful children and a loving wife who has a passion for communications, traveling & youth development. She’s a freelance writer for Caribbean Insights Magazine & published her 1st book in 2020 A Collection of Poems

Onica Dick aka The Poetess Niki

Passionate about her craft, her work has been published in many local newspapers. Onica is a mother of one and a member of poetry groups including BartoSpeak, the Circle of Poets and now the Tobago Writers Guild.

Yishebah Baht Gavriel

She doesn’t look like a Children’s author; but you’d betray the adage, ‘Never judge a book by the cover!’ She’s harnessed a rich & tortured cultural history & blended identity, into a nourishing porridge with literary flair. Her free spirit comes with dance, song, & drama, mellowed down with an academic & intellectual breeze.

Charmaine Powder

When she’s not busy running her own business as a Realtor, you’ll find her entertaining family & friends, traveling the world to places of her childhood dreams or reconnecting with her homeland, Tobago. Charmaine is a #1 Amazon International Bestselling Author of Life In The Little Wooden House.

Shinniese Sylvan

Published author, L’teralle Shinn, was known for pouring our her heart in short stories as a little girl. After attending the Trinidad and Tobago Film festival writing workshop she took an active approach to writing and finally published her first book Mommy dear in 2021.

Elizabeth 'WILD' Roberts

A prolific purveyor of poetry & prose, a creative enigma whose raw, real & unedited content & writing style are tenable, often forcing people to step outside their comfort zone. Elizabeth has gained more than 91,540 reader’s since beginning to share her heart in August 2018, which she utilizes to help & inspire others.