About Us

The Tobago Writers Guild (TWG) has contributed to Tobago’s literary landscape and to the
growth of Tobagonian literature for more than a decade.


Regular gatherings began in 2006 culminating in a 2008 Writer’s Workshop which saw the Guild
formally established leading to our incorporation as a non-profit organisation in February 2010, after which the Guild was launched at a formal ceremony in April 2010 at the Itsy Bitsy Theatre.

Present during the early sessions were many noted Tobagonian authors including NourbeSe Phillip, author of Harriet’s Daughter and Zong, attorney-at-law Deborah Moore-Miggins author of The Proverbs That Raised Us, Umilta Roberts-Henry, writer of eulogies and skits, author Milca Robinson-Reid author of Episodic Moments and co-author of Tobago in Print, and former radio host Laureen Burris-Phillip, co-author of Tobago in Print and winner of the 1996 Commonwealth Short Story Competition for the region.                     

These sessions saw open mic contributions where participants shared their work, which included poetry, short stories, calypsos, monologues and research, which resulted in the group’s aims and focus being fine-tuned.


The Guild continues to give life to its mission through an exciting calendar of regular events.
The Literary Affair – the title given to the event which emerged from the Guild’s public launch, has become our signature annual event.

The Reading Fest, in 2012 joined The Literary Affair as another annual showcase and both have grown in popularity and attendance each year. This relaxed and embracing atmosphere was the birth place of one of Tobago’s premiere, young recording artist, Xavier Edwardz.

In addition to these two high profile functions, we have presented and contributed to a diverse and exciting range of other activities whose focus is the expansion of the arts:
First Mic – an open mic forum for children aged between 7 to 14 years, where they host, perform and run the show with family, friends and well-wishers cheering them on. This provides a supportive environment for our youngsters to develop a love for self-expression and self-acceptance as part of our Tobago society with their various talents
The Next Chapter (TNC) – the only open mic, spoken word event in Tobago. It’s a space where the public can walk into TNC and walk unto a stage; many talents have been birthed here.
TWG Lecture Series (TWGLS) – here we explore contemporary issues with specialists, academics,
historians, community elders and others, leading  each debate

Collaborations, Other Works & Subsidiaries
• Bocas Lit Fest collab for a Tobago edition
Tobago Library Services [TLS] collab for the TWGLS
Tobago Word Festival
Tobago in Print publication [an Anthology of 26 writers from and residing in Tobago]
Writing Competitions for children and adults
TWG Publishing House [TWGPH] – a 2020 incorporation



• the promotion of writing – creative, historical or otherwise
• the promotion and improvement of reading
• the creation of a supportive community of writers
• the provision of assistance to institutes of learning and community-based groups in the areas of writing, reading and dramatic presentations and
• all activities incidental thereto.


The Guild’s published authors are:

  1. Dr. Rita Pemberton
  2. Deborah Moore-Miggins
  3. Milca Robinson-Reid
  4. Reginald Phillips
  5. Deirdre Ifaronke Prescod
  6. Shaun Biggart-Hutchinson
  7. Rodney Piggott
  8. Leila Deonarine
  9. Chidimma Maynard
  10. Carron Rivers
  11. Cindy-Lou Edwards
  12. Shivon Mejias
  13. Latoyaa Roberts
  14. Anne McCutcheon
  15. Tiffany Ambrose
  16. Gale-Ann Marcelle
  17. Charmaine Powder
  18. Jazzard Ali
  19. Clement Williams
  20. Yishebah Gavriel
  21. Crystal Gittens Cabie
  22. Thelma Perkins


The Guild meets monthly to discuss the people’s business, share ideas and to share in members’ work, as well as to
ensure the many programmes and activities of the Guild are executed efficiently.
The Guild is open to all who support our aims and participate in our activities, which both encourage and support writers and promote writing and literature. Monthly meetings take place on the third Saturday or Sunday of each month between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. in the staff room of the Scarborough Methodist Primary School. During the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic lock-down these meetings have moved to a virtual space.